Bars and Cocktail Stations

It’s all mix, chop, shake, pour and serve. So an organized work space is a necessity. Many people would say that it’s how you make the drink that’s important. You must consider the surroundings first to catch the attention of the drinkers before you start creating the drink. Make them feel comfortable and they will choose to stay longer.

Custom built, in consultation with the clients, their architects and interior designers; restaurant and hotel bars usually combine high specification with high styling. We can supply and install the shell and all mechanical and electrical components and appliances from speed rails, peanut rails to integrated bar fridges, bottle fridges, inset wells, integral glass washers as well as advising on and supplying decorative materials and finishes.

Deli and Sushi Bars

Tsukiji sushi restaurant is a perfect fusion of Japanese cuisine and Mayfair spirit.
The red wood interior of this sleek and airy 20-seat restaurant conjures up aspects of Japanese culture and philosophy.

Pizza East Portobello Road is spread over two floors of a restored Georgian pub, right in the middle of the bustling Portobello market area and includes a deli trading in ingredients such as polenta, farro, and rissotto rice, as well as Italian cured meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables.


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