Bespoke fabrication

Bespoke fabrication and off-site fabrication for prompt installation.

The ability to produce bespoke fabrications in industrial grade stainless steel is at the core of the CCE service. Our off-site fabrication allows prompt installation and enables us to meet clients’ needs with greater speed, flexibility and precision.

In an industry where time is money, our in-house prefabrication facility for subsequent on-site installation helps save both, avoiding expensive down-time.

We are happy to undertake any size of job and will discuss the smallest detail with our clients. The range of bespoke fabricated units available from CCE is infinite, but typically includes drop-ins, sinks, benches, wall cupboards, work stations, hot cupboards, hot passes and well garnishing units; all produced in our factory, to the highest standards.

Our fabrication team of highly experienced engineers and welders is fully supported by the wider resources of the CCE Group, including our production management, design, planning, estimating, service, after sales and finance departmentsWe can match existing units and refurbish to match any finish and style.

On-site welding and stainless steel polishing

Where it is not practical to move a project to a workshop, we provide an on-site welding team. Our mobile engineers are fully compliant with site requirements and hot work permits. We can weld and polish stainless steel worktops to a high quality hygiene finish.

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