Extraction Canopies and ventilation

A kitchen’s extraction canopy and ventilation system is now a legal requirement. All our equipment is fully compliant with DW712. In addition, all our installations comply with BS-6173: gas supply and air extract and supply systems interlock to provide an automatic safety cut-off system.

Extraction Canopies

Extraction canopies are one of the key pieces of apparatus when it comes to tackling kitchen ventilation. The prime function of a kitchen canopy is to protect the area surrounding the kitchen appliances from soiled matter heat and flame. The air flow is designed to capture the fumes and cooking by-products and, by means of filters within the canopy to discharge cleaner air back into the atmosphere.

Condense Canopies

Condense canopies are mainly installed over equipment that produces steam i.e.  pass through dishwashers and sterilising sinks. The basic principle is the same as an extraction canopy but with baffle plates and a drain off point for the condensation. Condense canopies, filter plenums and ducted systems can be altered and extended on site to incorporate changes that are made to the catering equipment layout.

Ventilated Ceiling

Ventilated ceilings are increasingly popular as aesthetics become more important within commercial kitchens. They provide a clean line of sight, whilst providing a comfortable and safe working environment. A Ventilated Ceiling System is recommended for light to medium type cooking. Ideal for prestige architectural projects, display/exhibition cooking, culinary schools, correctional facilities and cook-chill operations.

There are now many levels of filtration and odour control that can be fitted and these can be tailored to suit the budget, local authority requirements and location of the site.

The ventilation system can be fully integrated with the building management system, complete with tempered and chilled air supply to maintain a comfortable working kitchen environment. Under the latest Gas Regulations, BS6173, the supply to the kitchen must be fitted with a gas safety interlock. By monitoring the supply and extract air flows, this interlock ensures that in the event of a ventilation failure the kitchen does not fill with contaminated air and remains properly ventilated.

The standard gas interlock system comprises of:

  • A control panel with visual indicators and an audible alarm
  • Current monitors or airflow switches (supply and extract)
  • Emergency stop button(s)
  • Gas solenoid valve

All these systems can be designed and built to almost any requirement and specification incorporating fresh air input as necessary.

Fully compliant with HVCA DW 712 (for kitchen ventilation systems) and DW144 (specification for Sheet Metal Ductwork) regulations.

Regular cleaning of your extraction system is recommended. Please see table below for a guide to cleaning intervals dependent on usage. Should you require more information on how to clean/service your ventilation system then please contact our service department Tel: 01268 491477

Usage amount Daily use Cleaning Frequency
Light 2-6 hours 12 monthly
Moderate 6-12 hours 6 monthly
Heavy 12-16 hours 3 monthly

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