CCE Group Ltd say “Try before you buy”

CCE Group Ltd is always trying to find ways to support and improve the life of chefs everywhere. One way that this can be achieved is by introducing new equipment to the chefs and demonstrating how it will benefit their menu, kitchen and free up valuable staff time.

“Try before you buy” is proving to be very popular in today’s fast paced kitchen. CCE Group have loaned Induction hobs, Thermodynes, Adande, Frima and Irinox for a trial period in many restaurants and the results have been great! Chefs can see the equipment in use and fully appreciate what a vital piece of kit it is, and what a huge difference it makes to their service.

CCE also have a fully functional show room and hold cooking demo days, a chance to see the latest innovative equipment and how it all works together.

Feedback is vital! Here are just a few comments that we have received:-


Exec chef Steve Munkley of The Royal Garden Hotel said “It’s brilliant! Can’t imagine how we coped without it!” Thermodyne 10/10!


Exec head chef Warren Geraghty from Galvin Restaurants said “It’s quite outstanding, it’s amazing” Thumbs up for Irinox Multifresh!


Owner, Danielle from South Street Pantry said” No! You can’t have it back, we love it”! Another Valentine/Cuisinequip Induction unit found a new home!


CCE Group get all new equipment tried and tested by the experts, the chefs, and we get excellent feedback, so, we really do know what we are talking about. If you want to know more about trial units such as Induction, Thermodyne, Adande, Frima and many more, remember you can always “Try before you buy”.

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