Combi Ovens

These combine several cooking options in a single piece of kitchen equipment. Available in a range of sizes and are suitable for everyone from the high volume user to small, independent caterers. The versatile combi oven can steam, bake and roast ‘dry fry’ chips, breaded and battered frozen products.

Exclusive extended warranty from CCE
In addition to the manufacturer 2 year parts and labour warranties on the following equipment, we give you an extra year free of charge. That’s an extra 12 months of peace of mind for you and your team!

CCE Group are proud to be premium partners with the following brands.

RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter range

RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter range

When you buy a Baker Top Mind Maps Plus or Chef Top Mind Maps PLUS from
CCE Group, we will give you the following, added value accessory kit free of charge:

  • Installation kit
  • Chemicals
  • Filter
  • 1/2 set of grids

Furthermore, if you choose to connect your Unox to the internet (charges apply) we will give you an additional 2 years of parts warranty.

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