Combi ovens

These combine several cooking options in a single piece of kitchen equipment. Available in a range of sizes and are suitable for everyone from the high volume user to small, independent caterers. The versatile combi oven can steam, bake and roast ‘dry fry’ chips, breaded and battered frozen products.

Cook Live demonstrations can be arranged by one of the CCE team.

unoxBakertop Mind.Maps™
Controllable like your hand. Natural as your thoughts. Fast as your glance. This is Unox Bakertop Mind Maps, the new line of professional ovens that breaks down the barriers between your idea and the product you bake. With a gesture. Bakertop Mind Maps One and Bakertop Mind.Map PLUS stand for complete control of the baking process and maximum creative freedom. MIND.Map. Personality. In a gesture.

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