Modular and bespoke Island suites.

When preparing to design both modular and bespoke cooksuites we take into account the client’s requirements for their proposed menus, operation flows, etc.

Bespoke cooking suites
Bespoke cooking suites are set out to a client’s desired shape and requirements. They are usually a one-piece body construction with a single welded top.

Modular cooking suites
Modular cooking suites are built to include a range of equipment, and are designed to create a single one-piece cook suite with either a welded single worktop or as individual units joined together to form a continuous worktop. Modular cook suites can be designed to suit any size of premises.  Some operations want the appearance, efficiency and performance of a bespoke suite, along with the ability to add equipment or change the configuration in the future. For these operations, modular cooking suites are the perfect answer.

Each suite will have the necessary components for a client’s requirements using gas and electric cooking. Ours cook suites typically incorporate open burners, solid tops, induction hobs and radiant heating hobs with ovens under if required, griddles, chargrills, Salamander grills, Bratt pans, pasta and noodle cookers and fryers.  CCE can re-sculpture ‘cut and curve’, or refurbish existing suites to suit our clients requirements.

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