Charcoal Ovens


X-OVEN is the next-generation charcoal oven for professional kitchens featuring an

innovative side grill drawer system. This is the first alternative to traditional charcoal ovens that only have a front hatch.

Designed for enclosed spaces in professional kitchens, X-OVEN is the only charcoal oven with grill drawers available in three models with one, two or three grill drawers.


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Charcoal burning oven

Coya, a swish new Peruvian restaurant at 188 Piccadilly and The Caxton Grill at St Ermins luxury hotel in Westminster  are among a handful of London restaurants to install a Josper Grill, the new innovative cooking method that imparts a distinctive charcoal flavour to all the meat and fish placed upon its coals. The enclosed nature of the Josper means that not only is the quality of the food improved, but the range of final products is increased due to the multiple cooking levels within the cooking chamber.




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