Presenting the unsung hero of the commercial kitchen!

Quadrochef brings together two great innovations in one: the marriage of the Unox BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro convection oven and Induced Energy quality induction in a uniquely versatile piece of kitchen equipment. This mobile unit is perfect for any pastry area or indeed, any kitchen where space is at a premium. Competitively priced, it comes with 2 years parts and labour warranty and has the additional option of insulated side panels.

Quadrochef provides increased efficiency and practicality to commercial kitchens at prestigous London venues including The Bloomsbury and Jumeirah Lowndes where
Head Chef Martin Gabler said he is “…delighted with the Quadrochef!”


Features & Benefits:

  • Exceptional baking in the Unox convection oven
  • Rapid still to boil & boil to still using the Induced Energy hob
  • Ease of cleaning thanks to the unit being on wheels
  • Cooler kitchen environment
  • Total power rating 10kW

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