New Culinary gift unveiled – The CCE Taster Spoon!

In recognition of their continued custom and ever growing business relationships, CCE are issuing their latest bespoke silverware…..A chef’s tasting spoon….. Proudly stamped with the CCE Group logo.  This delightful chef accessory has proved to be a must, the ingenious stylish clip totally invisible to the naked eye once in position will soon become “the must have kitchen addition!”.

The life of the taster spoon started out as an observation, Ray Costelloe observed on his many visits to London’s restaurants how the chef’s so desperately needed somewhere to put their taster spoon that was accessible to them at all times.  Realising this was a real problem for them, and true to the CCE Group Ethos, the taster spoon was born.  It may be small but it really is truly a neat bit of kit!


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