Synergy Grill

Synergy Grill is a commercial gas grill, constructed of high quality stainless steel incorporating heavy duty cast iron cooking grids. Ideal for use within any commercial kitchen environment including restaurants, pubs, hotels, handmade burger restaurants, piri piri chicken restaurants or any venue where great chefs create great food.

Synergy Grill enhances flavour through faster searing leading to maximum caramelisation. Oils and fats are vaporised and ‘misted’ back to the food from Synergy’s natural ceramic stone base in a way that locks in moisture and increases yield. Food texture is also improved due to the generated heat being focused on the grill plate.

Exclusive extended warranty from CCE
In addition to the manufacturer 12 month parts and labour warranty on Synergy Grill, CCE Group give you an extra year free of charge. That’s an extra 12 months of peace of mind for you and your team!

Benefits of Synergy Grill include:

  • Average gas saving of 59% & faster cooking
  • Ready to cook in 20 minutes
  • No drip tray means faster, easier cleaning
  • Cleaner air expelled into ventilation
  • No thermo-couple necessary
  • Simply switches off during quiet service periods
  • Vegetarian Society approved
  • Made in Britain

Find out more about Synergy Grill here

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